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Sons of Anarchy short rant

This was crazy as fuck! What the hell? Is there a point in killing off so many people?

How come Jax’s sneakers are so fucking clean? I can’t make one step without mud and dirt and shit staining them but oh no. Jax Teller walks the clean streets of his fucked up town.

Gemma needs to die! Fuck you, this is all your fault. I don‘t think she hears the effing words that come out of her shit mouth. Hope you go crazy, bitch!

And yay, that was Levicki from Perception. Damn, he’s got some nice biceps.

I’m glad Collette’s dead, though the way she died was terrible. Then again, she did want to hook up with Jax just days (months?) after his wife’s death, the wife he cheated on with her. So, no. I’m glad she died.

I just feel the need to congratulate Charlie on his acting skills. That shift from pain and complete surprise to “I’m gonna kill y’all” face at the end of the episode was amazing.

Tig and Venus are cuties!

Chibs and the sheriff I don’t get, sorry. SAMCRO is going down!!

Me this ep



Soooo. The sons are just spiraling into chaos.
I mean. It was bad before. I mean before they just stepped in shit.
Now they’re sinking in it, it’s going in their nostrils.


Wouldn’t it be cool if Tara haunted Gemma and drove her insane to the point where she’d confess everything to Jax? Okay, I’ve been watching too much Supernatural.


On another note, Venus and Tig are so cute together


wow its actually really amazing how EVERY SINGLE BAD THING thats happened this season is literally GEMMA TELLER MORROW’S FAULT


Bobby: Remember when our biggest problem was which Mayan to kill?
Jax: Simpler times...
Bobby: ...simpler men.
First of all if I had a mommy fetish I’d be hooking up with some psycho dominatrix… Second, the phrase ‘mommy fetish’ coming out of my own mother’s mouth should never happen again

Jax Teller

Actually the best line/scene ever. I laughed so hard xD

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Ding Dong that bitch is dead



Soooooo…. just everybody gets to die? That’s fair. Last week all the black people, this week all the white women? Cop. Whores. Damn. Unser’s alright though, in case you were wondering. Whatever meds he taking are effective as fuck.

So are Jax’s Air Force Ones. It was touch and go there but I was glad to see he saved them first before jumping in to save lives. Fucked up his $25 flip phone from Mototrac but that’s ok. Those kicks still fresh.

Gemma and her Althea joke… bitch I can’t wait ‘til you get a bullet in the face. CAN’T WAIT. Edited to add: When I think of how much I hate Gemma, I am not sure if that is a testament to the writing. But if that is Kurt’s intent, well done sir. I literally want to torture myself to watch the movie Pleasantville- about a remote control that beams people into television shows, dumb movie, but anyway…I wanna learn how to make that remote control, and then beam into SOA and bust one or two shots directly into Gemma’s dome….then I would go fuck Jax and get back to reality because I have an important job in real life. But yeah…I wanna do that.

The hem of Lyla’s shirts have never met the top of her pants. Ever.

And who is Juice talking to? We know Gemma’s having conversations with the Tara ghost she created (trust me Gemma, Tara’s in ghost world giving your ass the finger right now). Talking to her like her spirit needs to hear you fucking up her kids’ lives.

Also…Jax finally cracked a smile. Or maybe it was gas….wasn’t sure. It was probably gas.

Nero was in his smart knowledgable cardigan today…but he still too stupid to get the fuck away from Gemma.

Bobby is due anyday now. We think it’s triplets.

Chibs gonna get it on with Sheriff Get-these-Panties. Twice. She let him drive her police car. I’m sure thats against all kinds of regulations but….

Tig and Venus ain’t surprising. Dude said he was gay curious S1. He asked to see Half Sack’s nut and I think he was genuinely interested.

The Chinese are like that ex girlfriend who says something about your momma when you get in an argument. They just go low blow. Why’d you have to take it there? Go so far?!!! You that mad??

Sidenote: Wasn’t mad about Colette at all at the end. I’m an evil kind of bitch.

Edited to add: I didn’t wanna touch the Oedipus bullshit that went on between Gemma and Jax. But like…yeah. Confirmed hella alot for me. Like, why are you dwelling on your son’s junk and who he puts it in? It should never come up in terms of how it relates to you. Like, why are you even concerned about his penis? Just why? Even Jax was like “WTF?. Then she tried to pimp him to the old whore. Like a surgeon wasn’t good enough for your kid, but a raggedly she-pimp with an ugly hair style is.

I think that’s it, Gemma might want to fuck Jax. There… I said it. And then…I vomited a little.


oh so tara’s not good enough for jax but collette is

okay gemma


you think being a got fan is hard? try being a soa fan

—The entire SoA fandom (via travel-through-the-air)